Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are you open every day?

A - Yes, we are open 7 days a week all year, including holidays. We close only on Christmas Day (Dec 25) and New Years Day (Jan 1).

Q - Do you have tastings every day?

A - Yes we always have wine open for sampling. We often have guest wineries in-store sampling wines, see our Events page for upcoming tastings.

Q - I am travelling back home by air, can I take my wine with me?

A - Yes, we have specially designed boxes for 3, 6 or 12 bottles. One 12 bottle case weighs approximately 35-40 pounds. These can be checked in with your luggage. If you only have one or two bottles, we have single bottle bubble bags (Wine Skin) to put into your checked suitcase. Refer to your airline for details on luggage, weight restrictions and fees.

Q - Do you ship wines from your store?

A - Yes, once you have made your selections we can ship your wines to a Canadian destination. These will need to be put into the specially designed shipping box and then we courier them for you. The destination should be a business, and they must be signed for by someone over 19 years of age. Contact us for a quote.

Q - Do you have fruit wines, or international wines at your store?

A - We are only licensed to sell B.C. VQA approved wines, made with wine grapes from British Columbia.

Q - What is VQA?

A - In short, BC VQA stands for "British Columbia Vinters Quality Alliance".

Q - Can I ship wine from your store?

A - Yes! We can package all of your wines together into a single shipment to arrive safely at any Canadian destination. Create a collection of wines right in our store or bring in your wines from your wine country tours (or top up your collection here) and we'll take care of the details. We have shipping boxes for 12, 6, 3, and single bottles available for sale. Cost of shipping varies by destination. Contact us for a quote!

Q - Do you have free tastings every day?

A - Yes, we always have at least one wine for you to try, sometimes 2! We open different wines every day.